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Dealcoholization / Alcohol removal


           UAB "Vorto Gama" continues to expand its range of products! We see the growing need for dealcoholization / alcohol removal systems and in order to keep up with trends we offer our customers the most up-to-date and the best of this type equipment on the market!

          This system allows you to achieve the lowest residual alcohol content while preserving all the qualities of the product: taste, odor, chemical composition, etc. Equipment is designed for alcohol removal from beer, wine, cider and other beverages. It is based on vacuum countercurrent distillation - the most modern method of dealcoholization in the market. Low temperature and pressure (<38 ° C, 40 mbar) is mentained during the process, this feature, and many more, allows you to save all the desired product properties. As the temperature rises, the aroma of the beverage is lost, the concentration, taste and other physical and chemical properties change. This method also preserves the highest possible amount of product - minimizing product losses.

          System is fully automated and you can track the process in all steps. The system is fully customizable for any product, is easy to integrate into your production process, and the software is adapted to your needs. This ensures the quality of the final product and the reliability of the system. The system programming / integration works involve certified engineers, service technicians, programmers and specialized beverage manufacturing technologists.

          This system is trusted and used by hundreds of breweries, wine and other alcoholic beverages factories around the globe. The system occupies 95% of the world market and is finally representeded in Baltic States. The alcohol removal system is designed and manufactured in Germany - country with the highest quality standards.

          There is standard or special equipment for wineries (you can add a sulfite removal tool, as the demand for sulfiteless wines keeps growing). Special equipment can be used to remove sulfites, without using dealcoholization system.

          All these features and many others make this equipment the best and most reliable on the market. To find out more contact us and we will answer all your questions.