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Clarification materials

Spindasol SB1 – wort clarifier. Spindasol SB3 - beer clarifier.

Spindasol clarifiers, colloidal solutions (sols), produced from amorphous silicon dioxide with a specific charge, performs by attracting colloidal turbidity-causing particles; formed agglomerates sediments by the gravity. SPINDASOL product is completely insoluble, and therefore do not remain in the beer. The product is allowed under the German beer purity law.

Provided benefits: transparent, clear wort / beer; compact and fast trub sedimentation; fewer beer losses; improved filtration cycle; better beer stability.

Decoran CX-H – dust-free activated charcoal for color correction for specific types of beer. The high specific active surface area (900-1100 m2 / g) of the product permits the adsorption of coloring substances from the beer.

Deodal - activated carbon for taste and smell (flavor) adjustment.