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Special cellulose - Fibrokla

Pall's Fibroklar is ultrafine filter fabric, made from special cellulose according to the latest Pall manufacturing technology: surface of cellulose fibers is covered with activated, very fine kieselguhr. As the result the kieselguhr filtration with a balanced distribution of kieselguhr layer and subsequent filtration efficiency is ensured.

'Pall' Fibroklar optimal composition leads to a rapid deposition of kieselguhr particles and formed layer properly bound. This ensures a stable layer of kieselguhr even after high kieselguhr load and increased filtration time. Because of the product composition, unlike the conventional cellulose fibers, Fibroklar can be used not just for precoating, but also during filtering.


  • Homogenous precoat
  • Fast kieselguhr deposition
  • More precise filtration
  • Significantly higher kieselguhr layer mechanical stability and resistance to pressure shocks, which results in better beer clarity
  • Longer life of kieselguhr layer
  • Easier filter rinsing
  • Without asbestos.

Cellulose FH 1500

Pall filter materials range also enlists extremely pure cellulose powder. Cellulose, as a support material is ideal during kieselguhr filtering process. Thanks to its bonding properties, it provides a good coating stability.