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PALL filter sheets

Filter sheets provide the most cost-effective filtration process. In order to reliably filter particles or micro-organisms from the product, it could be necessary to use different kinds of filter sheets corresponding to necessary flow-rates, permeabilities and other. Correct selection of filter media ensures best filtering effect.
Pall filter sheets have a special filtration quality, cost-efficiency, long service life, and a high microbiological stability. These parameters have been achieved by thorough and lengthy investigations. Using a specially prepared pulp, fine perlite and kieselguhr via special preparation process, the filtering material that ensures combined surface, depth and adsorbing filtration process was developed. All filter sheets are produced without the use of asbestos.

Filter sheet types:

K - standard series, for wine, juice, spirits filtration;
K-IR - a special series for high-quality filtering effect of spirit drinks;
BS / HS - used for beer filtering; high efficiency and stability;
D 400 / Permadur – support filter sheets for kieselguhr filtration;
T - for technical, high capacity filtration;
AKS – filter sheets with activated carbon. They are used to adjust beverage taste, odor or color.