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Highest quality hop products from German Bavarian regions Hallertau and Spalt.
Hops – are not just characteristic beer bitter taste and aroma. Hops also contribute to beer foam stability, also provide antiseptic properties.

Hop Types:

  • HERKULES (bitter), alpha acid content 17-18 %
  • MAGNUM (bitter), alpha acid content 14-15%;
  • TRADITION (aromatic), alpha-acids, 6.5%;
  • PERLE (aromatic), alpha-acids, 8-9%;
  • SELECT (aromatic), alpha-acids from 5 to 5.5%;
  • HERSBRUCKER (aromatic), alpha 2-3%.

We provide the T90, T45 hop pellets, hop leaves, CO2 extract and other products.
On request we can also supply other types of hop products.