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Stabilization solutions

Protein stabilizers

Stabilizers from company PQ are produced according to the highest requirements. They are easy to use, and provide beer the necessary protein stability. Beer stabilizers do not affect the stability of the product foam, taste or smell.
Depending on the specific process parameters (equipment, contact time with beer, etc.), we can offer different kinds of stabilization products.

  • BK-3900-X xerogels
  • BK-200-M hydro-xerogels
  • BK-750-H hydrogel.

Polyphenols stabilizers

High polyphenol content in the beer may cause beer colloidal instability and as a result undesirable product taste. Polyphenols in beverages have a tendency to bind to the proteins, forming insoluble compounds and complexes that cause turbidity.

High molecular weight PVPP (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) is completely insoluble product forming stable complexes with beer polyphenols (proanthocyanins or anthocyanins) and sediments them. This ensures high beer colloidal stability and long shelf-life.
The product is completely removed during the filtration process.
PVPP product can be regenerated, and used repeatedly.

Other stabilizing materials

Antioxin - is a mix of a potassium metabisulphite and ascorbic acid that is perfectly suitable as an antioxidant in the beer industry. This is a special combination of antioxidants of a right proportion, complementing each others activity. The product has antimicrobial properties, ensuring elimination of residual oxygen, protecting beer from oxidation; safeguards exceptional product flavor characteristics etc.

Arabinol (Gum Arabic) - beer foam stabilizer. This completely soluble natural product, exudation colloid from acacia tree is used for the beer foam stability. It also provides the product balanced taste (particularly bitter).

Potassium metabisulphite - is microbiological stabilizer. Sulphur dioxide from potassium metabisulphite protects beer by preventing the development of harmful microorganisms.

Lysocid SB is a preparation exclusively based on natural lysozyme, obtained from egg albumen and used in the beer production process against contamination from lactic acid bacteria.