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Kieselguhr and equipment

Kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) is made of millions of years ago fossilized algae. Nowadays it is mined in a few places around the world, then cleaned from foreign substances and further processed. Due to its porosity and permeability this material is one of the most effective filtration materials and is used widely in kieselguhr filters in many industries. Kieselguhr is insoluble and has a neutral taste and smell.

"Pall" kieselguhr is a product of the highest quality and meets all the requirements for the food industry. It is strictly selected during the mining and quality constantly checked in laboratories. Taking into account all the specific filtration parameters, we will be glad to help you to choose the most appropriate type of kieselguhr and provide a recipe that would permit to achieve most optimum filtration results!

Filtration Equipmen

The patented system PRIMUS. One of the greatest achievements of the PALL company's developed filtration system is kieselguhr system PRIMUS. It is best recommended for filtration of beer. Compared to classical plate kieselguhr filter ZHF / S and with similar systems of other companies, PRIMUS has the following obvious advantages:

  • Perfect flow characteristic
  • Homogeneous structure of the filter layer
  • Maximum utilization of DURAFIL filtration plates (up to 11 kg/m2)
  • Twice the performance (hl/m2) compared with other systems
  • Twice the total filtration area
  • 50% savings on kieselguhr during the precoating
  • Investment and production costs decrease due to the smaller size.

Niro - reliable frame filters. Thanks to the stainless steel, a new type of HFK plates, productivity, compared to analogue frame filter is increased by 40%.
ECOflux – candle kieselguhr filter. Lots of possibilities and the highest filtration quality.