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Аluminium foil

Aluminum foil is used for food, confectionary, and pharmaceutical packaging. The foil can have direct contact with food. Produced from A8079, A8011 aluminum alloy, thickness varying from 0,010 to 0.1 mm; white (natural) color or varnished / painted on one side.

  • Technical aluminum foil is used in microwave ovens in the manufacture of baths insulations, pipe insulations;
  • Aluminum foil, coated with thermo varnish is used in chocolate packing, yoghurt and cream lids production;
  • Aluminum foil bonded to the paper (laminate) is used in confectionery and for food products packaging. 0.007 mm. Al + 1gr/m2 wax or edible glue + 20 gr/m2 paper.