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Fermentation Activators

To maximize the alcoholic fermentation, yeast requires necessary nutritional ingredients, such as the free amino nitrogen, vitamins, trace elements and others materials.

Enovit - balanced mixture of nitrogen source, trace elements and vitamins will improve the fermentation process. Enovit should be used at the beginning of fermentation and/or during the fermentation process.

Fermoplus Integrateur - special nutritional yeast additive to achieve a high level of alcohol concentration.
Composition: ammonium phosphate, vitamin B1, dead yeast cell walls. Yeast cell walls are indispensable source of sterols - the yeast can not produce them in anaerobic conditions.
Sterols ensures that yeast can synthesize fatty acids necessary for their wall structures. The walls become more resistant to higher levels of alcohol and sugars.

Fermoplus Energy is an active yeast additive used at the rehydration stage, or during the problematic cases (at low temperatures; at high sugar concentrations).