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Clarification materials and equipment

Clarification materials

At the end of alcoholic fermentation, wine in the fermentation container is like a colloidal suspension of particles of different nature suspended in the wine. Electric forces of the same charge repel particles from each other and therefore self-sedimentation is very slow. In addition, natural or centrifuged forces do not provide stability to wine during storage.

Bentogran - granular sodium bentonite for cost effective and rapid stabilization of the proteins in wine or juices. The bentonite is a dust-free inorganic material, can be prepared very quickly and has very high protein adsorbing capacity.
Gelsol - liquid food grade gelatin for wine clarification and stabilization, and it should be used in combination with Spindasol. The gelatin is very easy to use – it does not require advance preparation. The product is stable and has a high level of polyphenol binding index, reacts rapidly and deposited sediment layer is very compact.
Spindasol – clarifier from amorphous silicon dioxide. Because of its specific charge it attracts turbidity causing colloidal particles and sediments them. Provided advantages: a compact and rapid sedimentation; fewer wine losses; improved filtration; better stability.
Decoran CX-H – dust-free activated carbon for color correction with high specific active surface area (900-1100 m2 / g).
Deodal - activated carbon for taste and smell adjustments.
Ittiosol - liquid fish gelatin for wines.

Clarification equipment

E-flot - AEB equipment for wine clarification, especially for sparkling wine. The operating principle is based on the floatation principle. Very often turbidity causing particles are very light and hard to sediment, so the clarification process can be very time consuming and expensive. With the help of E-flot the inert gas is injected to the wine or must, formed tiny bubbles bind to turbidity particles, rise up, and so the must is clarified. Equipment advantages: very short clarification time; efficient usage of clarification materials; energy savings (cooling is not needed).