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Enzymes, natural proteinous products are also known as organic biocatalysts. In the nature enzymatic processes are widely prevalent and are associated, for example with fruit ripening, fermentation and other processes. Company AEB offers a variety of enzyme preparations obtained from micro-organisms for applications in juice or wine production.

Some of the key enzymes used in the wine industry:

Endozym Pectofruit XL / XM / XS - pectolytic enzyme with multiple activities for pectin hydrolysis in the wine / juice must. The large amount of pectins impedes must clarification; obstruct filtration, stabilization, concentration processes. Usage of pectolytic enzymes will help to avoid those problems and will increase the production output.

Endozym Pectofruit Press - pectolytic enzyme specially designed for use prior fruit press (dosed to the ground fruit pomace) to get a higher juice extraction.

Endozym Alphamyl FJ - alpha-amylase for the degradation of starch in must.
Provided benefits: increased content of fermentable carbohydrates in must; avoidance of stability related problems; facilitation of easier micro or ultrafiltration processes.

Endozym Redberry - pectolytic enzyme with a secondary activities, specially designed for processing of berries (especially red berries).