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Cartridge filters

Pall cartridge filtration means absolute quality.

For beverage and food product filtration we can provide a wide range of filter cartridges:

  • Layered or pleated
  • Depth filtration with the absorbing effect
  • Metal cartridges, facilitating the protection of filter media in following filtration steps.

Filter cartridges have a temperature, mechanical and chemical stability. They have long service life and are cost-effective in their usage.
Most of the recommended filter cartridges have an absolute permeability rating with a reliability of 99.98% (beta coefficient).

Other equipment and cartridge types for large capacities:

  • Palltronic Compact Start - an automatic, portable testing equipment for membranes integrity testing
  • CFS - a fully automated system for cold final beer filtration
  • Ultipleat High Flow, Pall Corelless - the latest, high performance cartridge type filters with the highest reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Filter Bags - diverse selection, extensive usage
  • Marksman - reliable, high-efficiency filter cartridges, which can be used instead of filter bags in the same housing.