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Anti-foaming agent BATFOAM ® 858
An effective product, based on a food grade silicone, designed to cope with foaming problems in the beverage industry, for instance during the fermentation. The material reduces the surface tension of the product, and thus inhibits the formation of foam when it is undesirable (e.g. fermentation tanks). Provided benefits: higher production capacity (more efficient usage of the fermentation tanks); product quality (stronger foam head in the final beer, lower losses of bitter acids). During the filtration product is fully removed and does not affect the final product properties.

Oak chips
Oak chips in wine or spirits offers the typical aged aromatic properties from oak barrels. Chips provide typical aromatic components of wood and complex wood and beverage interaction components and others. We offer a variety of oak-chip products (depending on particle size, type of oak, wood toasting level).

DESULFIN, product for the elimination of H2S odour from wine
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) can be excreted in wine during the fermentation, especially in musts poor in readily assimilable nitrogen. Even small amount of H2S is highly unfavorable because it displays anomalous odour and overshadows natural wine intensity and aromatic complexity. Suitable tool in the shortest period of time to eliminate this defect is to use the preparation DESULFIN. Copper sulfate of the product directly binds with H2S to form copper sulfide, which precipitates. In the result anomalous odours are removed, natural wine aroma will be perceived again.