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Micro-24 MicroReactor System
The Pall Micro-24 MicroReactor system provides solutions for improved microbial fermentation and mammalian & insect cell culture process development productivity and efficiency.

The Micro-24 MicroReactor system runs up to 24 simultaneous bioreactor experiments with independent control of each reactor's gas supply, temperature and pH. It is designed for easy set-up and operation using single-use reactor cassettes, continuously monitoring, logging, and controlling each reactor's dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH.

Micro-24 Cell Culture CassetteProprietary Micro-24 MicroReactor software allows the Micro-24 system to be programmed and monitored using a standard laptop or PC computer. Features:

Single-use MicroReactor Cassettes:

  • 24 reactors per cassette
  • pH and DO sensors pre-calibrated
  • Each cassette is pre-sterilized
  • Working volume is 3 to 7 mL

Independent control of each MicroReactor:

  • Dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • Temperature

System-level control of agitation
Real-time monitoring and control