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Filter modules SUPRAdisc

Company PALL is continuously working on the development of new ways of depth filtration. Developing SUPRAdisc modules enabled to combine the traditional flat sheet depth filtration benefits with those of a fully closed filtration systems. Almost all types of filter sheets can be ordered as SUPRAdisc module form. Therefore, the transition from the open to modular filtration systems is very simple. Broad filter sheet selection: various sheet permeabilities, different module diameter (284 mm and 410 mm), as well as different types of modules allow to achieve very good results in beverage and food industries. The surface of the latest generation filter modules SUPRAdisc II is protected by special plastic frame, which ensures even greater security during filtering. In addition, these modules can be backwashed and this ensures a much longer life of modules.

Filter modules SUPRAPAK

New generation filter modules with an innovative filtration principle, and with a much larger filtration area. Filtering takes place not just across (perpendicular) a filter sheet, but also alongside it (so called ‘edge flow’ filtration)! This ensures more efficient filtering; also sheets can accumulate more dirt.