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Service filtration

Service filtration is a process for the filtration of auxiliary air, water, gas, steam in order to protect the basic quality of a product.

Gas filtration (filtration of air, oxygen, CO2 and other gases; venting). We offer elements from fine to sterile (0.003 µm) gas filtration. For sterile gas filtration we recommend inherently hydrophobic PTFE medium. Sterile filtration is secured even in wet conditions (e.g. because of condensing moisture after sterilization). Filter elements made from other medium can not guarantee sterile filtration of gases in wet conditions.
Validated retention rate, high flow rates, low differential pressure drop, long cumulative steaming life.
When low instalation costs are prefered, we can offer single use filtration capsules (NOVASIP, KLEENPAK)

Steam filtration: reliable sintered stainless steel cartridge; regenerable. Features and benefits: high voids and fixed pore filters, high temperature, pressure and solvent resistance – long, up to 10 years, service life. We can offer elements from rough steam filtration (11-55 μm, rust, scale elimination from steam), down to elements for culinary steam preparation (1 μm, 3A standard);

Coalescing filtration cartridge is used for oil and water separation from the gas.